Colour Me Happy with Tartan

Colour Me Happy with Tartan!

July 11, 2018

Damn! How time flies! I feel like I just finished my Autumn Blog, and here we are in deep Winter....Well for this week anyways! It kinda tried to snow on Saturday.

So Winter comes....and out comes the sea of Black Puffer Jackets! Don't get me wrong....I love Black! ...and I know they really warm and easy,  and you can practically chuck them over your Pjs and Uggies....and really in this crap weather who would not want to basically wear a water proof Doona outside! But what about colour?

I saw a Ted Talk this morning, sent by my good friend and hat Designer Jenny Dagley, about the effect of colour on mood...specifically Joy! ( Ill share it on the Alt finery Facebook feed ( Check it out!) Who couldn't use more joy in their life at this time of year? When the dark is the longest and the days are the shortest we need more warmth, colour and Joy.

At Alt Finery, we want to bring this to the punters! Warmth, Colour and Joy to your Winter wardrobe. A good place to start is with Layering...Building a good foundation and adding to it. Lets start with the Base Layer.

1.Gimme some Base!

Base layers consist of a light long sleeve top, thermals or leggings or stockings if your stepping out!

At Alt, for women and men, we have a range of long Sleeve tees in Black, Grey, Maroon and Khaki priced at $29.

For women we also have a scooped Neck and Cowl Neck options.

For women we also have Cowl neck and Scoop Necked options.

For women we have leggings in just about any pattern u could wish for including Tartan, Silver and Gold, as well as basic black....all around $25.

For the guys....We have Bamboo long Johns retailing at $29.

We also have a range of thick socks....and if your talking deep Base, we also have Mens and Womens Undies, Bras and Stockings...Plain black and fancy lace ones.

Base sorted!


2. Mid Layers

Once you have your Base layer sorted, you can pretty much put any clothing you would normally wear over the top...

For men, at this time of year I would recommend our Flannelette Shirts for day wear, and if your looking for something a bit dressier, our Paisley and floral Shirts are mint.

 For the bottoms....We have Cargo Pants and Jeans. Im Loving these styles at the moment...


Foe women.....there are so many options. Dresses....We have some cozy and cute winter options.



 If we are looking at more casual options we have so many Awesome skirts, Lots of denim styles, and also some Tartan styles especially for Winter.

Jeans are also a great option, and we actually customise your jeans in store for the same price as the jeans.


3. Top Layer

Here we are talking jumpers and Jackets, or you can do both...depending on the coldness and your mood,

For men we have Hoodies and some Knit options as well as some Tartan Wool Jackets.

Foe women, we have an insane range of Faux leather Biker Jackets in just about every colour of the rainbow...with embroidery, with Studs, In Gold....the list goes on! 

For Winter we also have some Gorgeous Frock style Coats in Black and Tartan and Woollen Tartan Coats.

Not forgetting to mention our range of scarves, Gloves and Beanies, which are the icing on the Cake really! Its also worthy noting that accessories are really good at brightening up a Black outfit too, for all the puffer jacket religious ;)

If you want to check out any of the above items, just click on the highlighted words and that will lead you specifically to our website and the item in question, as well as that Ted talk I was telling you about.

Have a great week.

Cheers Sam @ ALT



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