Shop Talk • Size is just a Number

Shop Talk • Size is just a Number

October 07, 2017

Hey Guys,

I hope you have had a Great Week. Shop life has been busy. Getting our web site perfect. We have added sizing charts applicable to each garment, and even added tips where we feel like the size is worth upsizing. The more I am in here, looking at people trying styles on, trying styles on myself, Im getting a really good feel for the sizing of different labels....which leads me to our talk today....

SIZE.....more specifically getting into your right size and ignoring that freakin tiny number on the garment that can magically make people feel like crap.

Nobody is alone in this feeling. I can literally see women mentally beating themselves up when they ask for a size and then don't fit that size. Some people will try the next size up, but some will just walk away defeated...Im sure thinking about how they will diet harder or work out more.

Im here to tell you Ladies and Gents, SIZE IS JUST A GUIDE!....and heres why!

1. Every label has a different sizing table. That means sizing for each label is different. Due to the fact we have multiple labels, we have to search for their sizing charts and make sure they are correct. We have also put up a "How to measure yourself" get out the tape measure .

Nothing beats trying stuff on though!  Just do It!  The more you try on, the better you will get at automatically picking your size within each label. Even make a note on your phone...especially for jeans. This will mean you wont have to go through the whole process next time. 

2. Everyones body shape is really different. There are very few people that will fall within the perfect size. I,  myself have a size 12-14 top and an 8-10 jeans size....which i aiways buy bigger because i need more length.

As a Dress maker, I have measured up a lot of Men and Women, very few people are the exact size, but each persons body is beautifully proportional. Thats Nature for you! Amazing! It doesnt matter if you are a Size 6 or 22. Your body is beautifully balanced. You just need to find the right clothing to make that body sing! In a custom made piece everyone looks great, because a piece of Custom made clothing is like a 3D sculpture that fits exactly to your body....the pattern is the plan. The second best thing to Custom Made is an Alteration.

At Alt, we specifically started the business with the Alteration service in mind, and have bought bigger sizes, so we are able to adjust, take up and in. I haven't had one client yet who isn't happy with the Alteration. So Yeah...if you find that commercial sizes are just not cutting it...Come in and get it Altered.

Everyone deserves to feel Awesome in what they are wearing...and it is possible no matter what your body shape and size. Sometimes it just takes a bit of research...measuring..trying things on...getting the odd alteration done.....Just don't get hung up on the size and either squish into a small size just to prove to yourself your a size 8 or walk away defeated. Size is just a number...a guide...don't let it control you! Love yourself for You. Put the time in.

Have a Great weekend

Cheers Sam. xxx 








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