Yass Queens!

Yass Queens!

April 14, 2018

A few weeks ago in ALTs home town Daylesford, We had the annual Chill Out Festival. It happens each March and its Victorias largest rural LGBTIQ Festival. It was an Incredible weekend. The town really turns it on....there is Rainbow flags and decorations everywhere, events over 4 days at so many local venues, an incredible street parade and Festival day with music and stalls. People flock to the town and year after year to Celebrate the Love.

At ALT, We had a great weekend. We had a Hat Competition, the prize donated by Jennifer Dagley designer hats to encourage people to dress up and have a play, It was a great weekend, we had groups of guys and girls coming in....dressing up in Sequins, Wigs, Hats, Vintage style Dresses....taking selfies...We had a ball! It was like an 80s Fashion Montage all weekend! #altfinery on Instagram to Check out all our incredible contestants.

On Chillout weekend, everybody represents the rainbow colours, and strongly supports the LGBTIQ community and as a result people feel free to be who they are and dress the way they want.

As a result of Chillout, I have met some really Amazing people, a lot of Queens and Cross dressers who have had a lot of "less than fabulous" experiences when they shop retail. Shop assistants who are unhelpful and judging.

Anyways, it has made me realise that backing the LGBTIQ community loud and proud and letting the Rainbow flag fly every day of the year is important and letting the whole LGBTIQ community know that they can expect s Fun Positive Fashion experience at ALT.

 We have Dresses and Pants, Shirts, Jeans, Tops and bathers, up to 5XL and we are happy to alter outfits in store for the same price as the garment. We have Wigs, and Hats....and you are free to come in and try as many outfits as you want with Wigs and Accessories, and i will help you with styling and sizing and alterations!

If you are feeling a bit shy, feel free to call me before hand for an appointment, so i can custom your styling session to your needs, and make your retail experience as fun as possible. Call Alt Finery for Appointments from Tue - Sat. Phone 03 5348 1587

As for Online sales www.altfinery.com.au, we are happy to check your measurements against any garment you order, for fit.

A big shout out to Max.... the winner of out Hat competition. He took home the incredible "Key to My Heart" Hat by Jennifer Dagley 

 I hope you all have a great weekend.

Cheers Sam xxx



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