ChillOut 2019 : Return of

ChillOut 2019 : Return of "Strike a Pose!"

March 03, 2019

Its Chillout Festival again in Daylesford! YAY!!

I feel so much love for our little Town having one of the biggest Festivals celebrating the LGBTIQ community. If you have never been here during ChillOut, you are in for a treat! The whole of Daylesford is decked out in rainbow flags, people come from near and far for 4 days, from 7th- 11th March. This years program is full of awesome events....Cocktail parties, Art Auctions, Cabaret Acts, Music, Dance parties, and the Annual Street Parade, all dedicated to Queer Country Pride. Please check out the ChillOut site for details 

At Alt Finery, to Celebrate ChillOut, we are holding our Annual "Strike a Pose!" Hat Competition. We held it last year and had so much fun with it. Punters came into the store, posed in the Hat, donated by designer Jennifer Dagley, which we look a photo of and posted on instagram. The person with the most hearts won. Max won last year ! He has been a huge participant in the ChillOut Festival for years, and always comes up with the most Stunning Costume for the parade! He has a lot of Fans!

But look at some of the Gorgeous people who entered! How could you possibly choose?

As i said, the competition was heaps of fun...every contestant really got into the spirit of it...trying on our sequin dresses and wigs with the an 80s wardrobe montage! 

The competition starts on Monday, for those who want to get in early and try on some outfits to prep for your Chillout events....and will be drawn on Sunday 10th March at ALT FINERY 7/22-24 Howe St, Daylesford.

Its worth mentioning at this point, that we do alterations and repairs too, so for any costume related malfunctions, Come see Sam, experienced in Fashion and Costume design, She has a creative solution to most wardrobe issues.

Have a great ChillOut, and we hope to see you at Alt Finery...Come live out your fashion Montage dream!



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