The ALT Finery guide to Summer Vacation.

The ALT Finery guide to Summer Vacation.

December 16, 2018

Hey Folks,

So whats on the agenda for this Summer? Is it a beach vacation?, a road trip?, a Music Festival?, or just chilling in your own back yard. We at Alt have all your Summer Vacation supplies in store, you just supply the Sunscreen, Book and Soundtrack.


Sunglasses are an essential item for any Summer Trip. Alt has about 28 different varieties of Sunglasses, from Aviators to Jaqui O Styles for Men and Women. All UV Protected and only $25.00. They are protecting your eyes (safety first!) and they look cool. Do it!


2. Hats

 Another Summer essential....Caps start at around $16, but if your looking for something a bit extra, we have stylish Sun Hats and a range of bespoke Hats made by Designer Jennifer Dagley. Check out all the different styles on our website under accessories.

3.Bathers / Swimwear

We have an extensive range of Bathers/ Swimwear for Women, We have Bikinis and One piece Swim wear from Small to 5XL. We Have some really gorgeous Vintage styles with beautiful prints. 

...and the guys don't miss out. We also have a range of Board shorts. 

4. Resort Wear

Once you buy your Bathers, your going to need something light and Breezy to throw on over the is a selection of our Flowing Resort wear styles of Dresses for those sunny days at the beach or balmy nights.


 5. Play Suits

Everyone Loves a Onesie...and Play Suits are the Summer Onesie. These beautiful styles are made from light crepe fabrics, and Laces...all imported from Europe. From $49 to $60 they are a great addition to your summer wardrobe.

 7. T-Shirts

We have a massive collection of Mens and Womens Tees and Tanks. From S-ponder Tees imported from the UK, to Bass and Co. Tees from to USA, to Marvel Tees, as well as plain Tees. Check Online or in store to see the full range. They also make great Xmas presents.

8. Skirts and Shorts

We also have bottoms to compliment your tops. For Men we have a great range of Cargo Shorts, and for Women, so many different styles of skirt

 So that the Summer wrapped up! Did i mention all of these Summer essentials also make great Xmas presents. If you cant choose or your not sure of someones size, we also have Alt Finery Gift Cards

I hope everyone has a great Xmas and Very Happy New Year.

Cheers Sam @ ALT.


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