Chill out in Daylesford

Chill out in Daylesford

February 24, 2018

Hey Guys,

I hope you have had a great week.

Today I would like to share with everyone a bit about the Home of ALT FInery.

For those who don't know us, ALT Finery is a our Awesome little clothing store, situated in a country town of Daylesford (7/22-24 Howe ST), Nestled in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range in Hepburn Shire, 115km North West of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Daylesford was once considered a mining town, but the beautiful forests, Lakes and Mineral Springs drew people from far and wide to explore the Town.

I remember coming up here for day trips when I was a kid. I was instantly enchanted by this little town in the forest,  inhabited by lots of small shops selling arts, crafts, crystals, Tarot cards and all kinds of magical goods. Walking around the Lake Daylesford, with its winding paths and Ancient trees felt like another world and I instantly fell in love with it. 

Daylesford has grown a lot since then, but still maintains its essence. Its a place for creativity and Healing, which is why so many people visit every year for a weekend away. They come to recharge their batteries, to reconnect to Nature, to dream of a life that is simple and beautiful, where one can pursue whatever creative passion that speaks to our soul.This is what I love about Daylesford and I think I connected with as a kid. Its a place for Dreamers. By Dreamers, I mean people who dare to live outside the box and still believe that a better world is possible.

The community, as it exists today was founded on a very DIY ethic.The Swiss and italian Communities, the Artists and crafts people, the musicians, the Healers, the Chefs, the Farmers, the Builders and the free thinkers who gravitated toward Daylesford creating businesses, building their own homes from the ground up, growing their own produce or trading and bartering. People helped each other, people accepted and celebrated each others differences. And did we Celebrate! Our whole ecomomy is based on Drinking and Eating...getting together and Celebrating.

And speaking of Parties....One of our biggest yearly festivals is happening soon and we are so excited about it !!

 The Chillout Festival celebrates the LGBTIQ+ Community, who are such an integral part of the Daylesford Community. This year celebrates the 21st Year the Festival. Such a credit to all the organisers and volunteers who work so tirelessly every year to make this such an Awesome Festival. There is a full programme of Events from the 8th-12th March. You really need to check out the website to see all the events, but there is Dances, the Chillout Pride Parade....which is Amazing, the Chillout accomodation right now...pack your suitcase full of your most amazing outfits and come Celebrate!

To help you look fabulous for all your Chill out events ALT Finery is putting on a  "Strike a pose" Competition. We are giving away an incredible Hat Designed by Jennifer Dagley.

 Jennifer Dagley creations are uniquely glamorous hats influenced by the victorian era where style, class and a little extravagance is the perfect combination for any hat. All Hats are created individually combining vintage jewelry and chandelier crystals, feathers and fabrics. The fabrics are sourced through private collections.The current range has a theme of Love and Light as we all need more of that in our lives. Each hat features the theme of love and light utilizing hearts and crystal , from the subtle to the extravagant. When you wear a hat by Jennifer Dagley you are wearing an artwork guaranteed to turn heads and make you feel beautiful and magnificent. ​

 The person who can Strike the best pose in store wearing one of Jennys Hats (Take a Pic, post on Instagram , hashtag #altfinery and #iagbam ) will be victorious and win your Jennifer Dagley Design of choice

We are creating a bit of a Hat wall , so you can come in and have your own Hat Montage, so you can have as many shots as you want to get your best Selfie.

You can team them up with some ALT outfits...We have Bling, Frills, Vintage, Shirts, Tees, Jeans. a new look for every day of Chillout!  Check our website for some inspiration 

The competition will run from 8th-10th of March from 10-5pm at ALT Finery. Drawn on Sat 10th at 4pm.

Looking forward to seeing you in Store and in Daylesford. If you haven't been here before, we are coming up to the prettiest season of the year here, Autumn. Its really magnificent....and if you like to Party...come up for Chillout! 

Have a great weekend.

Cheers Sam.xx























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