Shop Talk • We Got it!

Shop Talk • We Got it!

October 16, 2017

Hey Punters,

What an Awesome Day!...People are out and about....and customers are just showing our little shop so much love!

Out of town peeps b like "Ohhh... its like a little piece of Brunswick St in Daylesford!" and the locals are getting to know all we have to offer and how really reasonable our prices are. Forget the trip to Ballarat...Shop Local! 

So, incase you havent visited our shop or web site yet. Let me just give you a bit of a run down of what we have, and what we are about.

We at Alt Finery are providing Affordable clothing to Men and Women. 

For women, we have eveything from Bras and Underwear, including cloth invisible bras,  Jewellery, Make up, Fake Eyelashes. An amazing range of Tights, Leggings, jeans, t-shirts, Tops, Dresses, Skirts, including a range of plus size items for Women. We can dress you from Casual to Evening Wear. This week we have recieved in beautiful ranges of Floral and Vintage style Dresses.

Just to give you an idea of price. Most Dresses are from $29, with $39 being the medium price range. Tops from $18...about $30 being average. Tights from $9. Serious Bargains to be had!

But cheak out the web site...its all


 And for Men.....

 We have everything from underwear, t-shirts, jeans, pants, caps, jumpers, Hoodies, and really wide range of shirts, from Casual to Dress Shirts by Van Heusen in a wide variety of colours and Styles. We also have Ties to go with the shirts, as well as cuff links, watches, Bow ties, and Belts. Shirts around $35- $45. 


 So if you haven't checked us out yet, Come in and have a browse or look at the website   

This week we also added Afterpay to our website....this means you can have your product now, and pay off in small instalments. 

Our Frocktober campaign is still running so please support this really worthwhile cause. All Donations go to research into the early detection of Ovarian Cancer. 

To Donate; http:/

Enjoy the beautiful Spring weather this week.

Cheers Sam xxx

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