Tripping thru the Eras • Part 2 • The 90s

Tripping thru the Eras • Part 2 • The 90s

February 03, 2018

Hey Guys,

Hope you all had a great week.

This week Im continuing the exploration of fashion through the ages, In last weeks exciting instalment we ended at the end of the 80s talking about the influemce of Punk and Hip Hop Subculture. This week I'll Break the 90s down.

The 90s!! My era of decadence...the glory days!

Before jumping into this blog, let me tell you a bit about a fashion theory I have called "The Glory Days" The theory goes....Whatever Fashion era was your "Era of Decadence"...By that I mean...the time when you partied the most, had the best time and essentially started to form some kind of identity (usually in your 20s) is the fashion era you will always represent in the way you dress presently. Check it out....observe can tell the Era. Look Closely....even in peoples hair or shoes. Punk? Goth? Raver? Mod? Stuck in the 80s?...lots of people!

Anyways....Back on Topic....The Nineties!

The late 80s/Early 90s is often called The Golden age of Hip Hop, especially around New York City. There was much diversity and innovation. Hip Hop Fashion adopted some of the 80s flamboyance but put there own cultural spin on it....combining the bright colours and Geometric patterns of the 80s and fusing it with African textiles and Styles. Caftans, Headscarves, and who can forget those big baggy pants (M.C Hammer Style) The "street style " got baggier, and blingier....with the big Gold Chains and Branded Merch. I think Hip Hop culture is really important in this era, as i feel that its this influence and also the influence of the World Wide Web, ushered in a new era of Multiculturalism into 90s Western Culture.

Salt and Pepper

At the same time as Hip Hop was evolving, other subcultures were emerging. Punk rock got swallowed by Grunge for a while in the 90s. "Grunge "was never a movement, as much as a term invented by the media to define a Punk Rock, after the "Nevermind" Album by Nirvana dropped....and a tsunami of popularity broke over a pretty grass roots Punk Rock Scene. 

The Grunge look 

"The Grunge Look" Yes...Flanelette shirts, Band Tees, Beanies, Petticoats and boots. But this look was born more from the hard financial times after the 80s. Its more of an Op Shop Look. Big Jumpers, old petticoats, Op shop dresses and Hats....ripped jeans..Flanos. Of course Kurt and Courtney did break fashion ground. Kurt wore dresses and womens op shop coats, questioning notions of masculinity, and Courtney started the whole "Kinder Whore" Look, which was petticoats and little girl looking short frilly dresses, while singing fierce growling feminist Lyrics.

Kurt Cobain                             Courtney Love .               Alts Grunge Look                                                                                                          Flanelette shirts

Another defining movement of the 90s in fashion and culture is Rave Culture.

The Rave scene probably has its roots in the 80s in England, starting with clubs such as Londons "The Mud Club " and  Manchesters *Hacienda" which bloomed into the Rave culture of the 90s. 

Rave culture had the DIY ethic of both the Hip Hop and Punk rock scene. Organising big parties in abandoned warehouses, car parks, or in the forest or desert( in Australia, the  Bush Doof), basically in a secret location, where all the party people would know. Electro, Trance, Acid house and House music all evolved from this scene.

Fashion wise, The smiley face...Huge! Big Baggy Pants and Tees for Boys. Big Baggy pants and little bra tops for girls. I also think of Lots of Fo Fur in bright colours... Leg warmers. PVC, Whistles, Kickers, Bright colours. High pony Tails, Visors Lots of necklaces and Bracelets and Crazy Head Wear. 


ALTS Version....Just Need More Accessories and Fo Fur ;) Palazzo Pants and Maxi Skirts and New tops AvaiL

In terms of more mainstream fashion,.a lot of it in the 90s was influences by these subcultures fashions. The Spice girls for example all look like they are off to a Rave. The TV show 90210 is basically Preppy Grunge.

Next week we will investigate the 2000s

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Have a great Weekend

Cheers Sam xxx





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